Cementir Group aims to a sustainable development path, through continuous improvements in its economic, environmental and social performances.


Cementir Group engages in pursuing its economic, environmental and social development through:
  • Respecting statutory legislation and relevant official requirements;
  • Respecting human resources, guaranteeing health and workplace safety;
  • Promoting and adopting cleaner technologies;
  • Reducing environmental impacts for the individual products;
  • Developing environmentally sustainable products;
  • Identifying improvement goals and reviewing such goals every year;
  • Promoting human resources participation and training on a regular basis in order to meet our goals;
  • Increasing transparency and dialogue with customers, workers, authorities, suppliers, local communities and shareholders.

Cementir Group, in order to implement the mentioned guidelines, undertakes to:

  • Develop, realize and maintain an environmental management system in all Group’s productive plants to meet its engagements;
  • Publicize its environmental (sustainability) policy, goals, action plans and performance in the form of a periodical Environmental (Sustainability) Report;
  • Formulate and utilize environmental indicators as guidance mechanisms for achieving established goals;
  • Improve plants’ environmental performances through:
    • control and reduction of all type of air emissions;
    • control of energy consumption;
    • research and development aimed at developing the use of alternative fuels in the production process, thus reducing raw materials consumption;
    • water consumption control and waste water reduction;
    • noise emissions control;
    • prevention and emergency actions to be undertaken for limiting environmental impact.
  • Prevent accidents and health injurys by performing workplace studies, health & safety surveys and contingency plans.