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Safety is our commitment: an important goal reached in July 2013

In July 2013, our plant in Maddaloni has reached an important safety goal! Due to strong commitment in Safety and Health Protection of all the Company population, Maddaloni plant has caught 1 year without injuries: 365 days without injuries!
It is not a coincidence, it is not a case, but the result of a steady training, of a profitable comparison with all workers and all formen, the consequence of a strict control and a way of thinking about its own safety!

Congratulations to all Maddaloni workers, hoping that stands for another step of our continuous safety management improvement.


All operative units in Cementir perform their own productive activities attending safety and health protection principles. Particularly during last years our Company is developing a Safety Management System according to international standards, which will allow "safety and health continuous improvement" to become a portion of sustainability of our Company.
In particular during 2011 Cementir Italia worked hard on a special Project called "Achieving Zero Injuries", which together with Safety Management System constitute the way to build a "Safety Culture" in our sites.
This allowed Cementir Italia to obtain in 2011 the best prevention results ever.
In fact,

  • "Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)" has reached a decrease of 50% in two years;
  • "Time without Lost Time Injury" in Maddaloni Plant achieved 215 days without Injuries.