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Cementir Holding manufactures and distributes worldwide:

• around 13 million tons of grey and white cement of various types and classes, in 11 plants
• over 5.1 million cubic meters of ready-mix concrete in 106 plants
• 9.3 million tons of aggregates
• precast reinforced cement products

Grey cement

Cementir Holding manufactures and distributes all kinds of cement, classified in types (based on clinker percentage and other ingredients such as blast furnace slag, microsilica, pozzolana, fly ash, limestone) and classes according to resistance to mechanical compression. Main cement types are as follows:

traditional portland cement (type I)
composite Portland cement (type II)
blast furnace cement (type III)
pozzolanic cement (type IV)
composite cement (type V)

Cementir Holding has particular expertise in the production of cement with low aluminite tricalcic content, with high granulated slag content and pozzolana, which have high resistance to sulphate, low hydration heat and high water resistance

White cement

Aalborg Portland is worldwide leader in the white cement industry, with capacity of 3.3 million tons per year and production plants in Denmark, Egypt, Malaysia, China and USA.

AALBORG WHITE® is a Portland cement with high initial resistance, high consistency, low content of alkali and high sulphate resistance. In order to reach such unique features it must be obtained from extremely pure limestone, i.e. without sand or clay contamination.

A defining feature of white cement is the possibility of producing coloured ready-mix or dry admixtures by mixing it with pigments. White ready-mix is obtained by mixing AALBORG WHITE® with pure sand, white minerals such as granite, marble or crushed stones. Light grey ready-mix is obtained from ordinary aggregates or grey Portland cement.

AALBORG WHITE® cement is often used in dry white and coloured mixtures as a binder in various types of mortar. AALBORG WHITE® cement is often used in concrete for panels, balconies, cornices, ornaments, paving stones and flags, sculptures and for swimming pools. Thanks to its light-reflecting properties, AALBORG WHITE® cement is increasingly used to produce road signs, tunnel linings and ramps, kerbs, road-markings and medium barriers.

Aalborg White has a quality control system compliant with EN ISO 9001:2000 and it is certified 197-1:2001/EN 197-2:2001 by Dancert (Certification No. 1073-CPD-06209) and is compliant to local standards in relevant end-markets. AALBORG WHITE® cement is also compliant with American ASTM C 150-02 standards for types I, II, III and V and for low alkali cements.

White cement brochure (download)


Cementir Holding manufactures and distributes over 5 million cubic metres of all types and classes of ready-mix concrete per year in Scandinavia, Belgium, France and Turkey. Ready-mix concrete is one of the most largely used construction materials: it is produced by combining cement (around 36%), aggregates such as sand and gravel (around 32%), water and some additives (around 3%). Concrete, after hardening process, maintains its characteristics even under water for indefinite time.

Concrete products

Cementir Holding manufactures pre-cast concrete products in Vianini Pipe Inc plants in USA. Precast reinforced cement products are structural components used in civil engineering projects and transport industries (pipelines, jack pipes, box culvert, tiles, sleepers, etc). They are manufactured by using mechanical and hydraulic technologies casting ready-mix concrete into specific moulds and structures.


Cementir Holding extracts and distributes to third parties aggregates in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) and Belgium. Aggregates are inert granular materials such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone dug or dredged from pits or river beds. Aggregates are crushed with binding materials such as cement and lime to produce ready-mix concrete, mortar and other plasters or can be used as structural construction components.