Cementir Holding manufactures and distributes worldwide:

  • • over 9.7 million tons of grey and white cement of various types and classes, in 14 plants
  • • over 3.7 million cubic meters of ready-mix concrete in 112 plants
  • • over 3.2 million tons of aggregates
  • • precast reinforced cement products

Grey cement
Cementir Holding manufactures and distributes all kinds of cement, classified in types (based on clinker percentage and other ingredients such as blast furnace slag, microsilica, pozzolana, fly ash, limestone) and classes according to resistance to mechanical compression. Main cement types are as follows:



Research and Development

The Research and Development Centres of the Cementir Holding offer a full range of services. These include standard EN and ASTM testing and a long list of more specialised techniques for testing of cement, all types of cement based products, and all types of raw materials and fuels, including the wide range of waste materials which are increasingly recycled in cement and concrete production. They also offer consultancy services within their areas of expertise.

Production Technology
Our Centres have developed several methods for modelling clinker burning and cement grinding. Equipment include several laboratory furnaces for small scale burning of cement clinker for testing burnability, clinker reactivity...