Composite Portland cement (type II)

Composite Portland cements are divided into categories II/A and II/B.
Type II/A cements have a clinker component of at least 80%; type II/B cements are manufactured with at least 65% of clinker. As well as clinker, cements contain other main components according to the different categories.
Cementir Holding's type II/A cements are manufactured with the addition of pure slag or limestone (T.O.C. < 0,2 %), and are therefore identified (under EN 197-1:2000) respectively as II/A-S and II/A-LL. Given the limited percentage of slag or limestone, these cements are now considered as Portland cements.
Cementir Holding's type II/A-S and II/A-LL cements are class 42,5 R, while type II/B-LL and II/B-S cements are class 32,5 R.
With regards to Cementir Holding type II/B-S cement, it contains a higher percentage of slag than type II/A-S.
Therefore, in many manufacturing processes this cement offers remarkable advantages due to the influence of slag, which considerably improves the physical structure and some of its properties.