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Cementir Holding is a multinational company operating in the construction materials sector. Through its operating subsidiaries in 18 countries, Cementir Group is world leader in white cement and is specialised in producing and distributing grey cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, concrete products and is active in the processing of urban and industrial waste.
The company was incorporated in 1947 and is part of the Caltagirone Group. It has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1955 and is currently part of the STAR segment.

The Group international growth over the years was mainly driven by investments and acquisitions for over €1.7 billion, which transformed the company from a domestic to a multinational player with production sites and products commercialised in more than 70 countries.

With about 3.3 million tons of installed capacity, Cementir Group is world leader in white cement; It is also leader in the production of cement and ready-mixed concrete in Scandinavia, is one of the top three players in Belgium and one of the main international cement producer in Turkey.

The company pursues a strategy of both geographic and product diversification based on five pillars: Dynamism, Quality, Value of People, Diveristy and Inclusion, Sustainability - or "Concretely Dynamic".

Since 5 October 2019 Cementir Holding has transferred the registered office to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, adopting the legal form of a naamloze vennootschap regulated by Dutch law with the name Cementir Holding N.V.. The Company continues to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and the tax residence remains in Italy.


Since 2001 Cementir Holding pursued a geographic diversification strategy by investing over EUR 1.7 billion. The most important acquisitions were:

• Cimentas AS (cement and ready-mix concrete) in Turkey in 2001

• Aalborg Portland AS (white and grey cement) and Unicon AS (ready-mix concrete) in Denmark in 2004

• Edirne cement plant in Turkey and 4K Beton (ready-mix concrete) in Denmark in 2005

• Elazig cement plant in Turkey in 2006

• Kudsk & Dahl (aggregates and ready-mix concrete) in Denmark in 2008

• Sureko AS (industrial waste management and production of alternative fuels) in Turkey in 2009

• Recydia (waste management and renewables) in Turkey in 2011

• NWM Holdings Ltd (collection, treatment, recycling and disposal waste) in England in 2012

• Compagnie des Ciments Belges (cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete) in Belgium and France in 2016

• Sale of all assets and activities in Italy (cement and ready-mix concrete) in 2018

• Acquisition of an additional 38.75% stake in Lehigh White Cement Co. (white cement) in US in 2018

As a consequence of both the above deals and the growth dynamics of each country, from an Italian player Cementir Holding has become an international cement player which derives 100% of its revenues abroad.

Future strategy is to combine both organic and external growth, striking the right balance between mature markets and emerging markets presence and maintaining an adequate return on capital employed.

 Last update: October 2019