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13 February 2017

Preliminary consolidated results for 2016

3 March 2017

Approval of the 2016 Draft Financial Statements

19 April 2017

Shareholders' meeting for the approval of the 2016 Financial Statements

11 May 2017

Approval of the Interim Financial Report as of 31 March 2017

28 July 2017

Approval of the Half Year Financial Report as of 30 June 2017

8 November 2017

Approval of the Interim Financial Report as of 30 September 2017

The Company will issue, promptly and according to the current regulations, a press release for any variation on the above information.


Legislative Decree No. 25/2016, which transposes Directive 2013/50/EC, removed the obligation upon listed issuers in Italy to publish their interim report. However, the issuers on the STAR segment of the MTA market like Cementir Holding S.p.A., shall be obliged to publish the interim report in accordancewith the article 2.2.3. of the Borsa Regulation. Consequently, Cementir Holding S.p.A. will continue to make available to the market their interim reports as has occurred to date, to be published on the dates indicated in the Financial Calendar, making particular reference to the provisions of Article 154-ter, paragraph 5 of the TUF in force prior to transposition of Directive 2013/50/EC and according to the principles and application criteria indicated by the new Article 82-ter of the Issuer's Regulation.